let’s give it the old college try….

Here I am blogging! What a feat! What an accomplishment, an adventure!

What a bunch of BS.

I’ve been thinking about this blog for a few weeks. I’ve dreamed about it, and daydreamed about it, with a little smile on my face. I’ve always loved to write, and certainly love to read. You know the nerdy kid walking home from school with their face shoved in a book, oblivious to your honking as they walked diagonally through the intersection? Yeah, sorry about that.

I’ve written poetry and I always fancied I’d write a novel. Maybe a great autobiography that detailed all the grand things I did over my life; spilling all my secrets, outing my friends and family members, gathering sympathy and money from readers near and far.

A blog is a starting point right? Sort of a journal that you actually let others read. One worry is that I’m fairly computer illiterate but I AM capable of learning. So I thought I’d grab myself a cup of coffee, plug in the laptop, and off we go….Blog-Land awaits! I’ll follow the steps and post pictures alongside witty words …and…well….the deal is I can’t figure this out. There’s no magic BAM! INSTANT BLOG! Button. And the little smile on my face has morphed into big forehead wrinkle lines and a little anxious pain in the vicinity of my left chest.

Instead of happy writer’s land, there’s a lot of stuff to think about and decide on, some of which seems to be in a whole different language. To pay or not to pay? Is a domain name the same as my blog name? Should I be embarrassed if my URL is ugly? I mean really…in researching how to do this, one site told me my URL will be UGLY! Then there’s the themes and the pages, the content that won’t save, and by the way just the naming of this thing. When I realized I hadn’t even come up with a name in all the days of daydreaming I almost just shut the damn laptop and ran from the room, shouting forget this blog anyway! I’m just going to fail!

Insert deep breaths here. And a few potato chips.

Once I got over that little tantrum, I thought, Tiffany, you’ve got to give this a try. Just Try. I recently completed my first Triathlon and that was my mantra for months of training. Just TRI. I am a Try-Athlete.

I know from experience that good things can happen when you try. And this computer based, web/domain/url scariness is WAY scarier than any athletic event I’ve ever done. But I can try.

So following my own advice, I’m “giving it the old college try”….however…have you ever looked up what “giving it the old college try” means? Let’s ask the experts:

Urban Dictionary says….

Giving something your best shot, even if you aren’t sure how to do it.
Attempting the “old college try” always results in uncontrolled rage and frustration rather than learning.

Yes. I can certainly relate to that. I want to throw this laptop.

To gather your friends, buy some cheap beer, order a pizza, and forget about tomorrow.

Let me tell you, that sounds good about now. Except I’d have to give you all the cheap beer. More on that in the future, I’m sure. Pizza on the other hand – we’re gonna need an extra large.

Attempting to get one last hit of marijuana out of a smoking device (i.e. bong, bowl, etc)

I can say very honestly that it’s been a LOOONG time since I’ve given that the old college try. And I don’t need any more practice.

To show a lot of cleavage.

Now, I want to say that I have NO clue how this relates to giving anything a try. In addition, there is no cleavage to show. I mean none. So try as I might, I will not succeed. But I thought this was worth a chuckle.

I think we can agree that the best definition is probably giving something your best shot, and here I am doing it. And you, bless you, are reading my words. I’m pretty sure my “home” page and “about” page and all the other stuff I’ve edited 100 times is still not saving and showing up correctly. Please forgive me for that. Instead of keeling over from frustration with this, I just started writing, because, really, that’s what I’m here for.

That’s a good point actually; what am I here for? Why blog anyway? Besides the love for reading and writing, the self aggrandizing I can accomplish and all the extra time in my day I have to kill (ha!) I thought perhaps something in my life might resonate with something in your life, and we could help each other through words.

I’m trying hard at things, and I know you are too. We all are in this human condition together – trying to reduce pain and increase pleasure. I’m trying to be a good mom. At work as a nurse – trying to save lives. Running, biking and yoga are a big part of my life, and I try to improve in these areas all the time. I never say I’m a runner…I just try to finish some runs. I’ve tried surfing. That’s laughable! I’m trying to meditate regularly and incorporate mindfulness into my routine. I’m trying out this new “consulting, multi-level marketing” thing, and through that I’m going to try a “30 Day Healthy Living Program”.

I’ve tried being married. 3 times. Yep, it’s true. And I might even try again someday. Don’t tell my boyfriend though; I’ll deny it.

Basically I’m trying to be healthier, wiser, happier, and more connected to myself and others.

And I’m going to try out this blog. My thought is we’ll do this together for about 30 days. As I begin the 30 days of healthy living, I’d love to share my ups and downs, successes and failures. I’ve tried cleanses before, I’ve tried protein shakes, etc. And some of it was greatly successful. So I thought, why not? I’ll try it again. My 30 days starts on Monday September 19th. I’ll do some before and after pictures, share some recipes and we’ll see where it goes.

What are you trying in your life? Something new, or trying again?

My next task is to try and save this content and see if it will publish…wish me luck!

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