Tiffany Tries Again, Again…

Guys, I’m back. Thanks for the break, it was necessary and well utilized! I really have no idea what my goal is with this blog, as far as frequency, reach, blah blah…I have no specific outcome attached to this writing. I appreciate the lack of pressure from my followers….

Which turns out I have 1 or 2. Today I’m inspired to hop back on the laptop and write because of a long lost friend checked “going” to a Facebook event invite.

BACK UP! Wait a minute….did you realize I haven’t mentioned 1 political reference and I’ve already written 2 paragraphs? And I won’t. If you know me, Y’all know how I feel, and that is that I love you. So let’s leave anything else for another conversation, another time and place. As for today, It’s World Kindness Day. Just be Kind.

As you are all very aware, Arbonne has been a great adventure for me…I’m moving into month 3 and my vision just gets bigger and more exciting, and a little more scary. I know how network marketing is viewed. I too had the same viewpoint…that’s why 7 years ago when I was first introduced to the product I said a big fat YES to hosting and to buying stuff and an emphatic NO to becoming a consultant. No freaking way was I going to be one of those…and yet…here we are, 2016 and

“Hi, I’m Tiffany, you’re friendly neighborhood Arbonne Lady!”

Seriously. Tomorrow I’m going to be walking up and down my neighborhood saying that as I knock on doors because I’m having an impromptu workshop/Genius Ultra Treatment night. (5-7pm, 11/14, my house! Never miss a chance to market)

I NEVER thought this would be me. It doesn’t suit me. First of all, RBF. You know I have it.

2nd of all, I’m SHY!! And I work a “regular” job with decent pay. But for a myriad of reasons which I would love to talk to you personally about, I’m doing it and loving it.

One of my major fears is “being that friend”. That girl that didn’t talk to you for 20 years and now reaches out to “sell you something”. But…..Let me give you a little glimpse into the mind of “that friend” (me!)……


Shyness often paralyzes me. I live in the same town I was born in; my 2 brothers escaped and I never did. Thanks a lot boys. My timid nature is so serious, when I see someone from high school, college, whatever, in the grocery store, I pick up my phone and fake a phone call. I look or run the other way. I shove my head into the freezer pizza section and look intently at the ingredients on a personal Tostino’s…anything to avoid a conversation or even a hello.

This IS NOT BECAUSE I’M RUDE. It is NOT because I don’t like you, or think I’m better than you, or that you smell bad. Much more likely, I smell bad as I probably just came from the gym.

The reason I avoid is because I’M AFRAID.

There, I said it. I’m scared, nervous, terrified, self- conscious, and have had moments of self-loathing.

The last thing I want is to catch up and talk about all the bad decisions I’ve made in my life…Also, I don’t want a superficial conversation about how awesome things are (even though there’s a good list of them as well) because I’m afraid that you’ll see a deep sadness and weariness in my eyes and I’ll lose my filter and say a lot of stuff I don’t want you to know.

A big part of me is still an embarrassed, guilt & shame filled pregnant teenager. The one who never got the white picket fence and can’t make a marriage last longer than 14 months. (please don’t comment on this, I promise I’ve moved on, no fishing here, I’m just ‘splaining to you how it goes! I’m laughing and smiling as I write this)

So I’ve avoided you like the plague for years. Maybe we are “Facebook friends”, maybe not, but either way, my head is in the freezer praying you will walk the other way.

Enter Arbonne.

And a whole lot of positive stuff in my life the last 6 months.

Many personal development books and conversations later, and self-esteem has replaced anxiety, confidence is replacing intimidation. Even if I have to fake it. Now, you say “What are you up to?” and guess what? I have a pretty fun answer!

My health is improving; I have a vision and a goal that I sincerely want to share. In addition, becoming a part of this business has made me think about others in a very different way. Someone I may not have thought about it in a long time (likely due to the fact that I’ve spent those years self-absorbed in my own issues) now comes to mind in a different way; “Hey, she was so creative in school. He is such a great dad (at least by fb picture proof!) “I remember she was so awesome at doing everyone’s makeup. He’s a personal trainer now?! They have kids now, I wonder if they know there’s really safe kid products available. She’s gluten free, vegan, lactose intolerant WHATEVER…And Arbonne fits all that”

LOVE Arbonne. My mind now adds to the end of those sentences….”I bet they would LOVE Arbonne”. Therefore, seemingly out of nowhere, I start reaching out and inviting folks to parties, workshops, out to coffee, or just to see if they would like a sample.

What I’m NOT thinking is….I need a downline. I need income. Hmmm…those people will serve that purpose. You may have had that experience..I did when I first learned about Arbonne 7 years ago. My intention is this…MAYBE this business would be as awesome for you as it is for me; maybe you will love the products, or maybe you know someone who will.

Here’s the thing. It’s network marketing. My job is to NETWORK.

No more sticking my head in the freezer, no more hiding behind decades old shame. I’m getting out there! Networking here I come. Now I’m standing in the bread aisle, head held high, Arbonne necklace shining, just looking for a catch-up conversation!

This happened today… I’m co-hosting a happy hour party in a couple weeks, and had the opportunity to invite all of my friends and acquaintances on facebook. This SCARES me, (see all the paragraphs above). But I took a deep breath, overcame the fear, and pressed “invite” to a friend who I have not talked to in years. She is a lovely, caring, passionate Seahawk fan and damn strong tennis opponent. And I miss her. And Arbonne gave me the courage to get outside my comfort zone and invite. Could I have just asked her to coffee? Yes. But I didn’t, I did this.

And she said yes.

I was very surprised. And elated. The opportunity arose then to have a conversation about how I missed her and was so grateful to get the chance to see her soon.

Her response? “I’m SO GLAD you invited me. I’ve read your blog and you intrigued me. I’ve been working at getting healthier in all aspects of my life.” And she’s INTOLERANT to Gluten and Dairy!!! Duh!!

This friend is not a prospect, not a downline, not a tool. She is however, a fan of my blog and that’s pretty freakin’ cool. I mean, who knew? I was stunned to tears, to be completely and totally honest. I can’t wait to see her, no matter the outcome of the workshop.

Please know where my heart is at when I invite you week after week to workshops and ladies’ nights, or when I post about the business and the products over and over in my newsfeed. I love the product, I love the business, and I want to share. And if I haven’t invited you, it’s probably because I’m so afraid of offending you, and haven’t mustered up the bravery. NOT because I’m a super b$#@ch.

Home parties, marketing, skincare, networking….it’s not for everyone. But it IS for me. For now, it’s what I’m trying my very stinking hardest at. Thank you for the support I’ve been shown –  for the love – for reading my blog, showing up, sampling, smiling at me and not saying “you know you’re totally crazy, right?” when I say I’m going to make this work.

. district-manager


And listen, if we come across each other in the grocery store this week, feel free to say “Hi but don’t even say the “A” word…K?”. I get that too! I’m not offended. Let’s just take that minute to catch up. If I’m on the phone, talk to me anyway. 99% chance I’m faking the phone call.

Peace, friends. Peace and Love.


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