The curse of the White Eyebrow

What. In the world. Happened to me.

Let me preface this by saying there will be NO pictures in this blog post. I may talk about it, but I will NOT recklessly send out photographic blackmail material on myself.

Driving home recently from a trip to Spokane, where I had spent the weekend helping my newest, bestest business partner embark on her own Arbonne adventure…I peeked in the rearview mirror to ensure no cars were encroaching on my space in the fast lane. And also to check out my face –  because, well, that’s what I do.

More specifically, I spent a fair bit of time with that mirror…. assessing, judging & criticizing the soft hairs on my lower forehead we call eyebrows…and almost crashed in the median…

Because one of them, one sole, scary, intimidating, FORMIDABLE hair was completely WHITE!!!

I’m 35 people. In my personal evaluation, I’m actually at the PRIME of my life. For 18 years my mantra has been to reassure myself that I’m still young. You’ll have to remember that I became a GROWN UP at 15 years old. Therefore, when things got tough and I felt weary, I’d remind myself – No worries! When (My daughter) is 18 years old I’ll ONLY be 34! So much life left!…time to play, dance, run a muck. Time to embrace my independence, date like I’m 25, eat like I’m 16, drink like I’m 21.

And while I am most assuredly LOVING being my age, many of these prophecies have not come to pass. The Curse of the White Eyebrow was unquestionably not foretold.

It was one thing a couple months ago to have a tiny white hair sprouting from my hairline…as my daughter and I did our makeup together in the bathroom mirror she pointed out the offending little fiber. Undoubtedly EARNED and WELL deserved, mind you. It wasn’t too alarming…I’ve seen some gorgeous women (redheads in particular) that have a shock of white flowing through their bangs and it’s kind of awesome. It made me think that eventually, in 40 years, I could be that kind of awesome…with all my wisdom and flair, smiling coyly at the paparazzi; turning down men half my age.

This sensational daydream bubble was quickly and violently popped with the appearance of the WHITE EYEBROW!

There is no fame and fortune in the WHITE EYEBROW! Glenn Close, Helen Mirren, Meryl Streep are all glorious in gray. But there is no freaking way in any sense of the imagination or reality that one single hair within their eyebrows is white!

So what is the moral for this story anyway? That Arbonne’s amazing Eyebrow Gel was obscuring the truth from my own view? And it BETTER have been shielding it from you…because if you saw it and didn’t tell me…our friendship is over! This is way worse than a blob of spinach between the teeth.

Seriously though….this episode stuck with me through the week. What is happening to me? What do I have to accept, and what can I change? Our bodies develop, transition and shift; hair comes and goes (and turns stark snowy white). And though there will be many transformations – we are born with just one temple, to use and care for as we will.

Of course, I plucked that reprehensible hair from my brow as quick as I could…but deep down I understood there’s no time like the present to honor and respect the body that carries me from day to day. There’s no magic 8 ball to warn me of which disease or malady may challenge my well-being. However, there are signs in colorless hairs whispering …“impermanence in everything….the only constant in life is change…you have just one life, live as though that’s true….”

I want to live forever but there’s no way I want to keep up this pace. I want to prove I’m a grown up but I’m sick of being an adult. I want to eat pizza and creme brulee whenever it suits me…and the rest of the time I want to feed my body as though it is a treasured vehicle and food is a precious fuel to be revered. Seems what I really want is to find the balance of being as healthy and strong as possible while still having a ridiculous amount of FUN…while still taking risks & daring to adventure.

I don’t want to live in a bubble. And I don’t want to jump out of airplanes. Somewhere in the middle is a delightfully enchanting and stimulating life that has TIFFANY written all over it. Apparently a white eyebrow was written into my story…thought it would be a little further in the future, maybe even posthumously…but it’s in this chapter, now. Guess I have to embrace it.

Weeeellll…..embrace might not be the word. Pluck out in a panic? Yes. That’s much more accurate. But I also laughed heartily as I shared the story with my daughter and friend over dinner; then wrote about it in this blog for all the world to read. Can’t take myself too seriously, you see.

As part of my crusade for health and wellness, on Monday I’ll launch into a  10 day detox to recover from the holiday turkey hangover. The ultimate “Greentox”. (available for all to join me by the way!)
While this has little to do with prevention of my hair showing age, I do hope it will be an effective feature in the overall campaign towards optimal is truly an inside – out process, and by the end of 10 days I plan to have some Knockout Insides!

I also plan to make an appointment STAT with my favorite Eyebrow Artist. Otherwise you’ll all start calling me Whiskers and expecting me to use a cane. I’m a long way from grandparent -ville, OK??!

What signs of wisdom on your face do you embrace? Do you look at your laugh lines with nostalgia and serenity? Do you respect your crow’s feet as a hard-earned symbol of experience and knowledge?

Maybe you’re looking for a way to make your insides more beautiful? Already have a rock-solid nutrition plan, but want your skin (your biggest organ) to match your intestines? (wait, that’s weird!!) There just may be the perfect tool in my Arbonne Arsenal to help you reach your goals.

Maybe, all you need is to take a peek in the rear view mirror and hope you’ve got a decent set of tweezers handy.

Love and Peace to you and your brows. May you find the perfect balance of enjoying and preserving the body you were born in.

And hey, listen – totally unrelated. Let’s do something for our friends at Standing Rock. For reals, my friend is there. People are cold and injured but their hearts are strong and true. We can send meals in the form of protein shakes – it’s a simple gesture that could keep many people healthy through another day of standing up for the land and the water. An injustice to one is an injustice to all. Contact me @ or for details. 






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