Current “Condition” Brings About Blog Changes…

I’ve silently endured this for years, not knowing where to turn for help. Just when I was starting to believe it could be futile, I encountered hope. My treatment plan begins immediately. 

I’ve suspected for awhile something is wrong with me. For the last couple of months, I’ve been researching and seeking professional opinions to get to the bottom of my issue.
(And for once it’s nothing to do with addiction, alcoholism, job burnout or codependency!)

My search for answers took me to the National Nurses in Business Association conference, which was held in Las Vegas in September. While my alcohol-free lifestyle made me feel like a total stranger in Sin City, I was blown away by the business leaders, innovators, writers, and coaches all gathered together. Each and every one of them a Nurse!

I met Kati Kiebler, a charismatic speaker and co-author of The Nurse’s Guide to Blogging, which I am now greedily devouring.





I also met career coach Nurse Keith. He led a workshop on creating written content and I immediately signed up for his services. After just one session together and a brief examination of my blog, we agreed; I’ve suffered a severe case of BLOGHORREA. 

The main signs and symptoms of Bloghorrea include “excessive or incoherent wordiness in a blog.” Despite all efforts to keep symptoms under control, there’s evidence of this illness in nearly every article I write.

Successful, professional blogs are generally 500-800 words MAX, with an occasional long-form thrown in. You know by now mine frequently exceed 2000 words. It’s not that I don’t WANT them to be shorter, it’s just…well, I can never seem to stop once I get started. Words turn into sentences, sentences expand into paragraphs, and before I know it, what was meant to be a brief story morphs into a book.

I’ve silently endured this for years, not knowing where to turn for help. Just when I was starting to believe it could be futile, I encountered hope. My treatment plan begins immediately.

My sincere apologies to anyone affected by my condition. My intent was always pure, my heart in the right place. Now that I’m aware of the urgent nature of this disease, I’m taking steps to get well. The good news is it’s not terminal, as long as I make healthy writing-style changes now and stick to them. With Nurse Keith’s help and bloggin manual at hand, I have faith I’ll achieve a full recovery.

Your prayers, good vibes, happy thoughts and more importantly  – your readership – is appreciated!


Thanks for following along as I share this news with a bit of tongue in cheek humor! In actuality, I’ve been networking and prepping to make positive changes in my business Recover & Rise, LLC. I’ll continue to create blogs with the intent to connect, empower and inform. But I hope to make them more concise and easier to digest. (At least I’ll do my best!)

The writing personality won’t change – I’m still me! But you can expect shorter blogs and a more succinct writing style. You can also look forward to more blogs more often, as each won’t be as cumbersome to complete.

Scrubbed Clean will continue to be a more personal, raw, and humorous look at navigating life sober as a single mom and nurse. But did you know my business site also has a blog? It’s meant to be more informative, covering topics like mindfulness, recovery, job burnout and more. Check out THIS one, which I just published. It teaches a simple stress-relieving tool that can be done anytime, anywhere.

Thanks again for being a meaningful part of my journey! For more, be sure to follow me @scrubbedcleanrn and Facebook.  I want to hear from you! Send your questions and comments to me,

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